The Commerce Township Board of Review will meet at the Commerce Township Hall, 2009 Township
Drive, Commerce Township, Michigan on the following date to correct clerical errors or mutual mistakes.
The board can also review poverty appeals (if they had not been heard at the March Board of Review).

Tuesday, December 12, 2023
9:00 A.M. – until work is complete

All properties will be subject to the following Tentative State Equalization factors by
Agricultural 1.00 | Residential 1.00
Commercial 1.00 | Developmental 1.00
Industrial 1.00 | Personal 1.00

Any Taxpayer wishing to file a poverty appeal may do so by filling out a poverty application (available at
the township assessing or treasurer’s department) or by calling Oakland County Equalization Division,
Toll Free at 1-888-350-0900, ext. 80773. Appointments for poverty appeals will be scheduled prior to the
board of review.