The Commerce Township Senior Center does not discriminate participation of adults age 50 and older. Participants of the Commerce Township Senior Center activities shall represent by their behavior and actions; responsibility, courtesy, and self-sufficiency.

All participants, visitors, and guests of the Commerce Township Senior Center shall adhere to the following “Participant Eligibility Guidelines.”

  1. Seniors are defined as adults age 50 and older;
  2. Guests may attend with a senior age 50 and older;
  3. Must be able to function and participate independently;
  4. Must be able to provide own personal care and needs;
  5. Must present themselves in a clean and sanitary manner;
  6. Must be able to get along with other participants and staff;
  7. Must not be verbally abusive
  8. Must not demonstrate physical aggression or exhibit socially unacceptable behavior;
  9. Must be ambulatory or provide own mobility assistance;
  10. Must not demonstrate wandering behavior


The Township of Commerce is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Township endorses and supports policies of non-discrimination against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or any disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Such practice and policy of non-discrimination shall be extended to all persons, including, but not limited to, applicants for employment, employees for promotion, transfer and/or disciplinary action involving employees of the general employee class and those governed by Civil Service provisions. Any applicant for employment, transfer or promotion protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act must notify the Township within the prescribed notification period if a reasonable accommodation is requested.