2009 Township Drive
Commerce Twp., MI  48390


Please call 248-960-7077 to reach the Commerce Township Ordinance Officer. You can also email complaints to ordiance@commercetwp.com


Email Assessing questions to tcook@commercetwp.com

Although assessing services are provided by Oakland County’s Equalization Department, the Township continues to provide friendly staff and personalized service for residents and property owners in the Township Offices. Commerce Township’s Assessing Department Clerk works with the public on questions regarding real property valuation, ownership records, property transfer affidavits, homestead exemption, personal property statements, poverty exemption and disabled veteran exemption. The Assessing Clerk assists Oakland County in facilitating the Board of Review process for homeowner’s seeking relief from their tax assessment.

If you have any questions regarding how your property is appraised and taxed, recent sales history in your neighborhood, or historic records regarding your deed, the Assessing Clerk is a helpful resource. Although property deeds are at the County Register of Deeds office in Pontiac, Township staff has access to several County and State systems and may have copies of useful information regarding your property. We also have a collection of plat maps, condominium drawing and other surveys for your review.

If you have any questions and/or are looking for Assessing information, please call 248-960-7077 or email tcook@commercetwp.com. We can supply most information via email.

Also Oakland County Equalization Department can assist you. Their phone is 248-858-0776 and located at 250 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Ste 1000 W, Pontiac, MI 48341.

Click here to go to the Oakland County Equalization website.

Poverty Exemption Applications

Poverty Application Package
Form 5737 (Application)
Form 5739 (Affirmation of Ownership)