Office Hours

Monday – Thursday 7:15 AM TO 5:30 PM | 24 Hour Drop Box at our east entrance.
Closed Fridays

Payment Methods

Mail your remittance (with the top portion of the tax bill) to our office:
Commerce Township Treasurer
2009 Township Drive
Commerce Township, MI 48390

Online Banking Customers 

Payments must be made to the following address:
Commerce Township Treasurer
2009 Township Dr.
Commerce Twp.,  MI 48390

Credit card and e-check payment in person and internet

(Visa, MC, Disc, Amex) – Enhanced access fees are charged to the user for credit card and e-check transactions. Credit card transactions can also be processed at the Treasurer’s Office during open hours.

Pay online: Click here

For your convenience, a drop box is located at the east entrance of the Township Office.
Please do not leave cash in the drop box!
All checks not honored by your bank and rejected ACH payment will result in an NSF fee of $25.00.