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Keep track of the time you spend outdoors!

How it works:

  • All ages are encouraged to participate.
  • Earn 1 point for every 30 minutes spent outside.
  • Earn up to 2000 points in this annual challenge.


  • This sounds like a lot - start by spending a little time outside everyday. This will help build the healthy habit.
  • 1,000 Hours breaks down to 2.7 hours a day. Some days you might get out for 30 minutes. Some days you might spend 5 hours outside. Even if you don't reach 1,000 hours outdoors, you will still benefit.
  • Looking for idea? Come to the library's monthly Outdoor Explorers Club!

Our goal: match screen time with green time! According to the CDC, kids ages 8-18 spend an average of 2,736 on entertainment screentime per year. We aim to reduce that number by spending more time connecting in nature building mindfulness along with social, self regulatory, and literacy skills.

Research shows:

  • Nature restores our attention
  • Nature relieves stress
  • Nature helps develop more self-discipline
  • Outdoor instruction makes us more engaged and interested
  • Time outdoors may increase physical fitness
  • Nature settings may promote social connection and creativity

Plus, families who spend time in nature develop strong bonds, better communication, and incredible memories.