Start off 2024 with your wallet thanking you! The library provides free services in a variety of entertainment formats and options. Check out different ways to save!

Instead of using Hulu or Netflix to watch movies and tv, try Kanopy and Hoopla. Kanopy offers movies, documentaries, foreign films, classic cinema, independent films, television, and educational videos. With a wide variety of content and no waiting, Kanopy offers the latest and greatest as well as deep dives. Kanopy also offers unlimited children's viewing. Hoopla offers movies, music, eBooks, audiobooks, comics and TV shows! Featuring a wide variety of content, most of these offerings have no waiting list. You can even check out Bingepasses and watch an entire collection of items with only one checkout!

Instead of using Audible, try Hoopla and Libby. Libby offers you downloadable eBooks, audiobooks and magazines for all ages. Borrow and download through the app or use directly on your computer or device. Have a Kindle? Check out and read there!

Instead of using Spotify, try Freegal Music. Freegal gives you access to over 18 million songs, from new releases to the classics. Create your own playlists, share playlists with friends, stream full albums or simply download your music (and keep it!). 

Before you turn to Amazon, try Beyond Books. Beyond Books is CTCL's Library of Things, a collection of items available to Commerce cardholders for checkout. Take home a metal detector, a telescope, giant stuffed animals, a pickleball set, yard games, Wifi hotspots, games, a therapy light, and so much more!

Instead of paying for a tutor or buying expensive study materials, try Brainfuse. Brainfuse HelpNow helps students reach their goals by connecting them with qualified eTutors and collaborate with peer-to-peer learning. Grades Kindergarten through Adult Learning are featured. Anything from children learning to draw a circle to adults looking to get their GED, preparing for their US Citizenship Test, studying for nursing school, and so much more. Brainfuse JobNow provides live interactive online help combined with online resources to guide you through the necessary tasks to get a job.