Commerce Township Fire Department

Main Phone Number: 248-560-0051

Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist for Commercial Businesses


  • Annual inspection records shall be made available for the following systems at time of inspection.
    • Portable fire extinguishers
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
    • Commercial cooking suppression systems and exhaust hood system cleaning
  • Occupancy sign shall be posted in a conspicuous location near the front door for assembly occupancies.


  • Knox Box emergency access system if building has a fire alarm or a fire suppression system and maintained by property owner.
  • All exit signs must be in working order and illuminated at all times – along with back up battery power.
  • All emergency lighting must be in working order and tested every six months.
  • Exits and aisle ways shall be kept clear.
    • 36-inch clearance must be maintained around all sprinkler heads, electrical panels, furnaces, boilers and water heaters
    • 28-inch clearance must be maintained for all non-public aisle ways
  • Combustible materials shall not be stored in exits or exit enclosures and along with boiler, mechanical, or electrical rooms.
  • Exit doors shall open easily.
  • Fire doors and other fire resistance barriers shall not be impaired from proper operation at any time. i.e. fire doors manually propped open.


  • Storage heights in stock and store rooms including basements.
    • 18 inches from ceiling if protected by fire sprinklers
    • 24 inches from ceiling if not protected by fire sprinklers
  • Compressed gas cylinders properly secured.
  • Fueled equipment including, but not limited to motorcycles, mopeds, lawn-care equipment, portable generators and portable cooking equipment shall not be stored, operated or repaired within a building, unless meeting the exceptions in IFC section 313.


  • Proper usage of extension cords and multi-plug adaptors.
  • Extension cords are for temporary use only and must not be used where approved permanent wiring is required.
  • Power strips (relocatable power taps) shall be UL listed, polarized, grounded and have over current protection.
    • Power strips shall be directly connected to a permanently installed receptacle. No daisy chaining.
    • Power strip cords shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings, nor be subject to environmental or physical damage
  • Outlets and light switches must be covered with a wall plate, along with electrical junction boxes.
  • Electrical panels shall be unobstructed with 30” of clearance, with circuit breakers labeled.
  • Ensure that fire walls and barriers remain intact i.e. in the attic space.
    • Holes/breaches in the drywall must be fixed and fire walls and barriers need to use fire caulk
    • Ceiling tiles in drop ceilings must be in place

Building Maintenance

  • Fire Department Connections (FDC) must be kept clear of vegetation or other obstructions. Inlets must be sealed with manufacturers caps.
    • Shall be maintained unobstructed and have a minimum a three foot working clearance
    • Vegetation, overgrown landscape and snow shall be removed as necessary to keep 3’ clearance
  • Fire Hydrants shall be maintained unobstructed and have a minimum a three foot working clearance.
    • Vegetation, overgrown landscape and snow shall be removed as necessary to keep 3’ clearance
  • Fire Lanes maintained and unobstructed.
  • Address numbers, not less than 4 inches with a minimum stroke of ½ inch, shall be posted in contrasting colors on front and rear doors.
  • Door labels are required for Electrical, Furnace, Sprinkler, Mechanical and/or Generator rooms.


  • Portable fire extinguishers shall be installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of NFPA 10 and a minimum size rating shall be 2A-10BC.
    • Commercial kitchens require a Class K extinguisher with 30’ of hood and duct system


  • Elevator keys shall be stored in a Knox Box next to the elevator or bank of elevators at the lobby nearest the lowest level of fire department access.
  • The key box shall be mounted 5’6” above the finished floor to the right side of the elevator bank.
    • The front cover shall be labeled with the words “FIRE DEPARTMENT USE ONLY – ELEVATOR KEYS”
    • Contents of the key box are limited to fire service elevators keys and any additional access tools

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