Lower Straits Lake Weed Control SAD Information

Hello Lower Straits Lake Preservation Committee Members,

After a lake wide survey that included Dr. Doug Pullman, three Township officials, Jeff Knox from Aquatic Services and representatives from all eight Homeowners Associations (two boats) – a plan for this summer’s treatment of the weeds was developed and approved.

The first step in the process will be carried out on Tuesday – June 15.  There will be treatments applied to approximately 90 acres of weeds in all areas of the lake including the canal and the west bay (this is contingent on no water flowing over the dam on the day of the treatment due to EGLE rules).  There will be three different treatments (including one new treatment for our lake) – depending upon the area of the lake being treated.  We will NOT be treating any lily pads now – that is for late summer treatment (but it is still planned).

We will have the traditional “red” signs posted on Monday warning of the treatment on Tuesday morning (weather permitting).  The treatment will take place during the morning of June 15 – if the weather does not cooperate, then it will be Wednesday June 16.

For the day of the treatment, the traditional yellow signs will be posted during the morning.  The yellow sign is the actual “proof” that the treatment was made.

The rules regarding the treatment are similar but not the same this year.  ON JUNE 15 – TUESDAY – PLEASE NO SWIMMING, BOATING (INCLUDING KAYAKS/PADDLE BOARDS) OR FISHING DURING THE DAY OF THE TREATMENT – PLEASE.  The movement of water dilutes the effectiveness of the chemical treatments.

Please do not use lake water for lawn and garden sprinkling starting after 8am on Tuesday June 15.  This year the restriction is for just three days instead of the usual seven days.  However, if you have any new plants or grass or vegetable gardens – it is recommended that you extend this restriction for those areas for a few more days to be completely sure.

There are several other new items regarding the lake but I will put out another email later for that purpose.  This way you may use this email or an edited version for your notification purposes and not cloud up the message on the lake treatment.  Please put out your signs and make your notifications so that all will be informed.