Corona Virus - COVID 19 Information


The County of Oakland will be taking steps to be proactive by initiating the Emergency Operations Center in Pontiac, by declaring a County Emergency.  This allows Oakland County to access Emergency and Federal resources to assist our community if needed in conjunction with the Governor’s Office.
What we know for sure is that COVID 19 has evolved to be a Community Spread virus as there is a patient in southeast Michigan that had not traveled. With this knowledge we will take steps to protect all of us.
So while the Health Department guides us and keeps us informed of the situation they are advising that taking the steps to mitigate contact preventing spread is the first best practice.
All of us should exercise social distancing when possible. Simply six (6) feet apart will serve all of us well.  We are advised that the COVID 19 can remain active on a surface for 72 hours if not cleaned, and the micro particulate can linger in the air for possibly an hour or more.
It’s important to follow those instructions that have been on the news channels daily:
  • Spatial Separation
  • Avoid Crowds
  • Wear a face covering/mask in public
  • Wash your hands
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Use sanitizers when hand washing is not available.
The County Emergency Status allows:
The County can ban gathering of 100 or more
The Township Hall will be open as always to do business, but if it can be done by phone or by email please do so. requesting information electronically if you are doing your taxes and need documentation, registering to vote are examples.  If you are in person use the sanitized hand cleaner on entry and exiting the building.  Building Permits, Tax Bills, Registration to vote, or filing a Property Transfer Affidavit can still be done. By order of the Oakland County Health Department, you MUST wear a mask when you come into township hall.
The Commerce Community Library is currently open for book drop at the drive thru only.  Please check the Library webpage and social media for updates. The library will also remain accessible by phone or electronically. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, the library will be CLOSED to the public. For more information, visit
The Richardson Senior Center is CLOSED to the public. There will be no in-house activity at all temporarily. The staff of the Senior Center will be available to assist with questions or concerns by phone and electronically.  People’s Express, our transportation service, will remain in operation to assist our Seniors and Disabled to get you to your destinations as they do daily.
The Township staff will work to get refunds to anyone who scheduled to attend any bus, casino trip or outing during this time of caution.
Most importantly rest assured that the Sheriffs Department and the Commerce Township Fire Department are staffed, trained, and equipped to deal with any emergency.
With all of the precautions in place locally we can mitigate problems on our local level. We are all working together to reach the best outcome possible.