What is happening in the park:

Commerce Township is installing a second permanent entrance into the park for safety, improved accessibility and developing organized parking while keeping a “neighborhood park” feel.

What are the current issues in the park:

  • No Designated parking which causes park users to pull off the drive anywhere they can fit, oftentimes blocking other vehicles in.
  • Current parking techniques have park users driving and parking on the root systems of trees. This has caused many trees to die and has decreased the overall health for many more.
  • There is only one entrance/exit into the park, this causes a bottleneck effect when people are exiting the park especially in inclement weather or emergency situations.
  • People indiscriminately park along Glengary Rd which in turn blocks other vehicles, as well as impedes the view for people pulling out.
  • Emergency Vehicles can have difficulty accessing the park with the current layout.

What changes are going to be made:

  • A permanent second entrance will be installed across the street from the Wolverine Village Office, this entrance will improve accessibility and address safety issues that arise during inclement weather by eliminating the bottle neck at the present single entrance / exit.
  • Creating clearly identifiable, designated parking areas will improve organization in the park and keep the main drive clear; allowing emergency vehicles access throughout the park.
  • By creating organized parking, more spots will be clearly identified which will eliminate the need to park along Glengary Rd.
  • A Berm will be added along Glengary Rd to help mitigate the dust from the present parking lot and fields.

What will happen with the trees:

  • The Township had an Arborist from Oakland County provide an analysis of the trees in the Park. This review identified a number of invasive species, which he advised should be removed to protect the native species and to improve the overall health of all trees. He also identified a number of dead and dying trees that could pose safety hazards.
  • Of all trees tagged for removal throughout the park, only 30 trees are greater than 10” in diameter. Of these, an arborist from Oakland County advised only 5 were deemed to be in good health.
  • Significant emphasis has been placed on protecting and preserving as many healthy trees as possible.
  • The park improvement project also includes the re-planting of approximately 50 new Native Trees (Oak, Maple and Pine).

Timeline of Project:

Project is scheduled to begin Early Summer of 2022 and will be completed by Fall of 2022.

Please contact the Commerce Township Parks and Recreation Department with questions
parks@nullcommercetwp.com or 248-926-0063