Union Lake Road, from Commerce to Wise Road, will NOT close on April 25.
AT&T is still working on relocating its underground communication line. It is necessary to move the utility for construction to start. The contractor needs to drive sheet piling to create a cofferdam as part of the project. Unfortunately, the AT&T lines are located where the sheet piling will be installed.
A new date will be announced soon.
Finally, field construction staff will be getting the special road construction signs, indicating the start date, covered.

Commerce Township has been notified by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) that Union Lake Road will be closing at Wise Road on or around April 25th, 2022.  The closure is anticipated to last 60 days. The RCOC’s contractor (VIL Construction) will be replacing the culvert which runs under Union Lake Rd. along with the lake level control structure for Union Lake.  The project was scheduled to be completed in Summer 2021, but was rescheduled to Spring 2022 due to a conflict with an underground utility.

Commerce Township Supervisor Larry Gray asked the RCOC to delay the road closure until after the school year but was told “we are on borrowed time” due to the condition of the culvert which needs to be replaced immediately.  The Township has worked with the RCOC to make the road closure as painless as possible, including upgrades to the traffic signals along the designated detour route. Residents may have seen the RCOC installing GridSmart cameras at several signalized intersections.  The cameras allow the traffic signals to communicate with one another via the RCOC’s SCATS system, so that the signals can automatically make adjustments to signal timing based on real time traffic conditions.  The Township has also requested existing signals be upgraded to include dedicated left-turn and right-turn phases (“green arrows”) along the detour route.

The contractor’s approved work hours were originally 7am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. Commerce Township is allowing them to work whichever hours and/or days needed to complete this project as quickly as possible, hopefully in less than the 60 days allowed in their contract with the RCOC.

We know this is going to cause a lot of angst with traffic causing longer drives to work, school and other activities, but it does need to be completed to eliminate the risk of the existing culvert collapsing. If you have any questions, please call Supervisor Gray at 248-960-7070 or email lgray@nullcommercetwp.com

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