The contractor has constructed approximately one-third of the project as of the end of January 2021. The total project involves approximately 9,500 L.F. of 18”-22” sanitary sewer trunk force main. The proposed route is from an existing connection point on South Commerce Road, then along the drain through Dodge Park #5, and finally along the west side of Newton Road to Oakley Park Road.  The attached map shows the planned route of this sewer. By the end of January 2021 installation should be complete up to, and through, the Multi Lakes Conservation Association property.

The primary reason that the Newton Road Force Main is to provide a redundant loop that will allow the WRC to bypass approximately four miles of existing force main in the event of a sanitary sewer break or when it needs to be repaired as part of regular maintenance.

The existing alternative for an emergency bypass is a pump and haul system. A pump and haul bypass of the existing force main would require up to 100 trips/day with 10,000-gallon tankers.  Although a pump and haul bypass of this magnitude is possible, the logistics become difficult, especially in the event of an unplanned failure.  The redundant loop created by the Newton Road Force Main project will greatly reduce the risk of a sanitary sewer overflow.

Part of the project also involves the installation of a parallel low-pressure sewer and structures from Oakley Park to Richardson that will give residents the option to extend sewer down their street through a Special Assessment District once the sewer is in service.

Any questions regarding this project can be directed to Jason Mayer or Scott Stanley with Giffels Webster at (248) 852-3100

Newton Rd. Force Main Project - location map
Location Map

Progress picture of Newton project