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Mill Race Park


This eight (8) acre park is located between Commerce Rd. and Farr St. in the Historical Commerce Village. The Huron River was diverted from its original course to accommodate the needs of the Commerce Roller mill. In the 1840’s, the mill had been the center of the farming community of Commerce situated along the stagecoach line that stopped in the village hotel as the halfway point on the two (2) day trip between Pontiac and Milford. Mr. Milton Parshall was the last operator of the mill before it burned to the ground. Today only the excavation for the mill exists. Some stone moorings have been exposed in the river bank and the river itself. The Commerce landmark was dedicated as a state historical site on September 22, 1984.

Additionally, two (2) covered bridges cross the headwaters of the Huron River in this park. Walking trails run from Farr Street in the old village to Commerce Rd. and across to the Mill Race Shopping Center. Benches and picnic tables are available in the park for enjoyment of visitors to witness this natural environment and the wildlife. Neighborhood children have been enjoying crayfish and turtle hunting for generations at this site. Parking for the park is available behind the Mill Race Shopping Center at the corner of Commerce and South Commerce/Carroll Lake Rd.