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M5 Construction

MDOT has reported that the construction scheduled for M-5 will start on April 22 and is planned to be completed by June 19, 2017. The construction will include the closure of the southbound lanes first for around 3 ½ weeks and then the northbound lanes for 2 ½ weeks. The repair work will be for M-5 from the freeway all the way to Pontiac Trail. The entire roadway will be closed though for these dates (south bound first and then northbound). The cross bound traffic for E West Maple and 14 Mile Rd will be open, one lane each way. The construction company doing the work does plan on working the Memorial Day weekend also.

There will be large signs placed on the shoulder prior to this work advising motorists of the upcoming closures. MDOT does not plan on placing any detour signs. Work will be done 7 days a week with limited nighttime construction.

There is a public hearing scheduled by MDOT for April 10, 2017 at the City of Novi (45175 Ten Mile Rd) between the hours of 5PM-7PM.

MDOT does not have this information on their website at this time.