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Commerce Township Burning Permits

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The Commerce Township Fire Department

Will no longer charge for or issue burn permits for recreational fires.

What that means to Commerce and Wolverine citizens.

A small recreational fire is legal without a permit under the following conditions;

  • Burning of fire wood only
  • Size of fire can be no greater than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet high
  • Fire can at no time create a fire hazard
  • No flammable liquids can be used
  • Fire must be constantly attended with a means of extinguishing readily available
  • Fires that are in a container meant for the purpose of having a fire can be no closer than 15 feet from a structure
  • Uncontained campfires can be no closer than 25 feet from a structure

Rubbish and yard waste is illegal to burn and should be bagged up and recycled at the curbside.