Project Description

The Project consists of: Complete milling, base repair, and replacement of all existing pavement for the seven streets within the peninsular Park Subdivision including approximately: a combined length of 7,600 feet; 17,000 square yards of cold mill removals; 1,600 square yards of Geogrid stabilized repairs; and 4,200 tons HMA placed in two lifts to 4.5 inches.  Work also to include some sections of road widening, storm system cleaning, spillways, ditching, structure adjustments and other restorations needed for a complete project to be done in two phases while maintaining traffic as coordinated with Commerce Township..UPDATED INFORMATION:

All documents related to the SAD Establishment and Agreements that were approved by the Commerce Township Board are available through the Commerce Township Building Department.

Overall Project Cost Summary

Projected Construction Timeline
Construction is expected to take place August 15, 2020 through October 15, 2020

Project Location
All streets within the red outlined area below are included in the SAD (Commerce Township and West Bloomfield parcels)
Project Map

Plans (As-Bid)
A link to the full set of bid plans is available to download through this link: